Area Attractions

La Serena

It is the Capital of the fourth region. Located 470km north of Santiago.

The beaches of the Avenida del Mar are the most visited city. Ideal for swimming, sports and recreation, real attractions are the beaches located along six miles.

The Twelve Avenida del Mar beaches are The Lighthouse, Marine, White, The Strong, The Fisherman, La Barca, Mansa, Four Corners, Hippocampus, The Gulls, Song of Water and Corsair.

Humboldt Penguin National Reserve

Stresses the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, which has a wonderful endangered wildlife.

The Island Ladies and Choros, the reserve protects an impressive avifauna of mandolins, yacas, otters, tropical birds and red-tailed Humboldt penguins, plus Bottlenose dolphins and sea lions.


Coquimbo is a port city of the fourth region and the capital of the Elqui Province.

The city offers visitors many possibilities for tourists, such as water sports.

  • Faro de La Serena

    Faro de La Serena

  • Cruz del Milenio

    Cruz del Milenio. Coquimbo

  • La Recova La Serena

    Centro Artesanal La Recova

  • Parque japonés

    Parque japonés. La Serena

  • Deportes Acuaticos

    Practica de Surf

  • Exquisiteces gastronómicas

    Exquisiteces gastronómicas. Restaurant La Porota

  • Isla Damas

    Playas en Isla Damas

  • Observatorio astronómico Collowara

    Observatorio Astronómico Collowara

  • Av. El Mar

    Avenida El Mar. La Serena

  • Valle del Elqui

    Valle del Elqui. La Serena

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